At St Stephens Dental Practice we welcome all ages of patient.

The services we provide cater for you whatever stage of life you are at.

So treatments range from simple check ups to prevention. Hygiene treatments including scale and polish and other periodontal treatment. Maintenance and hygiene advice can be provided.

We can provide treatment and prevention advice for gum disease, decay and bad breath.

Xray diagnosis using the latest instant techniques is in both surgeries.

Restorative work ranges from simple fillings (usually cosmetic white) to root canal treatment to advanced treatment like veneers, crowns and bridges.

Dentures for missing teeth can be provided using a variety of materials.

Surgical work is available including gum reshaping, extractions and soft tissue work.

Cosmetic dentistry ranging from simple bleaching to veneers, crowns and bridges can be prescribed.

Implants are now also available with the whole treatment start to finish, provided in house.

Laser dentistry is a new addition. This is very versatile with its use including therapy for ulcers, helping speed healing and reduce pain. Stiff and painful jaw joints can be made more comfortable.

The laser can also be used in bleaching teeth and in soft tissue surgery as well as helping extraction sockets to heal well.