Martin Southon here, I just wanted to write a quick thought for you on our news pages.

Change is often something people don’t like or are afraid of, myself included. I like things to stay the same. But sometimes change can be good. As a dentist I can create lots of changes.

I can change your smile, through work on your teeth or by boosting your confidence, giving you more confidence to smile and show off your teeth.

I can change you from someone suffering from pain to someone who is pain free.

I can change your life by giving you back missing teeth, improving function when eating or cosmetically changing your smile.

I can change you from someone who feels embarrassed to smile to someone so full of confidence that it’s hard to wipe the smile off your face.

The one change that i am most proud of is the person who is scared of dentistry who i can convert by giving them a good, positive and pain free experience.

Changing smiles and giving you the confidence to smile …all the time.