If you touched or rubbed your face near your eye and your eye bled or even if your eye bled spontaneously you would be quite worried, wouldn’t you? You would rush to an see optician, such as Jon Brothwell at Pybus Opticians in Canterbury.

And yet, many people accept bleeding gums as being normal.

They see the current TV advert for Corsodyl mouthwash marketed as a cure for this.

A mouthwash alone is not and can never be a “cure”.

The mouthwash just reduces the symptoms.

One thing that is correct in that advert is that bleeding gums are a sign of a condition that ultimately will lead to tooth loss.

Bleeding gums are the first sign of gingivitis, inflamed gums. This, neglected and  untreated can lead to periodontitis, which can be summarised as inflammation of the tooth supporting tissues comprising gum, periodontal ligament (which holds the tooth in) and bone.

The symptoms are better recognised as loose teeth, infection and tooth loss.

If you or any of your family or friends have bleeding gums then a visit to the dentist is essential.

In most cases some simple advice and treatment is all that is necessary to get you back on the straight and narrow track to keeping your teeth life long.

So for advice and treatment to maintain your smile regardless of your age please come and see us at St Stephens Dental Practice.

We are on a mission to keep Canterburys teeth where they belong giving people the confidence to smile.

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