We understand that having a perfect white smile is one of the top beauty ideals and we also understand how tempting it is for a lot of people to try and whiten their teeth with over the counter products, especially with many products claiming they can whiten teeth up to 5 shades whiter!

The truth is, that these products rarely work and they certainly don’t last, more worryingly is the danger of reacting to the chemicals in these products and the damage it could do to your teeth, mouth and gums!

We always recommend only having your teeth whitened by professional dentists who can make sure that your mouth is healthy and that there is no risk of damage being done to your teeth,mouth or gums.

Take a look at a recent article which shows an example of how these products have led to serious life threatening complications…BEWARE CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGE THEY MAY BE UPSETTING FOR SOME!

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