What is your definition of an emergency appointment?

Being offered an appointment on the day, within a week, or within a month?

What if you were in sufficient pain that you could not sleep?

Would you be happy with being offered an “emergency appointment” 10 days away?

I thought not.

I was contacted late last Sunday by the partner of a colleague of mine. He regularly attended one of the corporate dentists that are taking over many independent dentists.

The receptionist there was dismissive of his problem and unhelpful saying no one could see him, let alone help him for 10 days. Obviously he was not very pleased with this and his partner contacted me. I responded within an hour, had seen the patient within another hour and the whole situation was resolved the following Monday morning.

This is what proper emergency treatment is about. A personal service because we care.  At my practice we aim to see our registered patients on the day if they are in trouble and, as much as possible will extend the same service to new patients as well.

There will certainly be none of this waiting for days on end, especially if the patient is in pain.

So for a proper emergency dental service and for routine treatment as well,  please think of St Stephens Dental Practice where we will give you the confidence to smile.

Martin Southon.

Practice Principal