Recently the press have seized upon a report that there has never been a study that proves flossing your teeth reduces gum disease.This is quite unbelievable, irresponsible and frankly rubbish.
It is a bit like saying that there has never been a study that shows that washing your car windscreen makes it easier to see through!
Brushing your teeth only, whatever brush you use will not clean between your teeth where gum disease and tooth decay often start. Only flossing or interdental brushes will clean there. If these areas are not cleaned plaque and then calculus (hardened plaque) will build up causing gum inflammation and possibly initiating decay.
If you do not floss you run the risk of bad breath, bleeding gums and tooth loss through gum disease causing looseness. Tooth decay will also be thrown into the mix.
Gum disease is also linked to other conditions as wide as heart problems, Altzheimers and some cancers.
So proper study or not I can report that in my over 25 years of providing dental care I have found that flossing does work. People who floss have less decay and healthier gums than those who do not.
So keep flossing, it does work and will enable you to keep the confidence to smile.