How can I make you smile?

The most common way I do this is after a check up, by telling patients they are healthy and that no treatment is needed. But that’s just the beginning!

I can make you smile by simply cleaning your teeth or removing unsightly stains and tartar. After relieving your tooth ache and after I reassure you that the pesky ulcer is nothing sinister.

You will smile after you realise the treatment you were dreading isn’t as bad or as painful as you thought. I can make you smile by whitening your teeth or changing the tooth shape and appearance.

You will smile after I fill any gaps with dentures, bridges or implants. And after I splint your wobbly tooth, making it sturdy again.

The best smiles are that of patients who have something far more sinister… cancer. Until I advised them they had no idea about the problem, but now they could get treatment and continue to enjoy their life with loved ones. They didn’t smile when they were diagnosed, but 6 to 12 months later they look back and smile.

In my career I have helped 6 or 7 people in this way and I must admit this especially makes me smile.

Come and see us at St Stephens Dental Practice and we will make you smile.