Part one of our two part guide on how to prevent tooth decay and cavities to keep your teeth looking healthy, starts with a guide on how to keep your teeth clean. Now we know this may seem like an obvious and simple task but it’s one that is not always done correctly. The question is are you doing it right?…well keep on reading and find out!

The bacteria in your mouth (living in dental plaque) use the sugar in your food to rot your teeth. Children’s teeth are softer than Adult teeth which makes them more prone to tooth decay. Holes in anyone’s teeth are not a good thing and these will often lead to pain and abscesses. If you brush your teeth correctly and regularly you can destroy the bacteria and prevent any problems.

Your aim: Brush all teeth for 2 x Minutes, twice a day with the correct toothpaste.


Brush the inside, outside and tops of all teeth on the top and bottom.

Proper Brushing takes 2 minutes! Think you already do it for 2 minutes? Time   yourself it’s  longer than you think. 

Brush your teeth twice a day, once before you go to bed and again when you      wake up or at some point during the day.

After brushing spit our the excess toothpaste but DO NOT Rinse! This is a common mistake, but when you rinse you are removing all the goodness from the toothpaste.  



Toothpaste contains fluoride, which strengthens teeth and can even repair  early  tooth decay. Everyone in the family should be using an adult strength toothpaste.Your toothpaste should contain at least 0.27%  or 1,350 ppm fluoride. If you are unsure check the packaging of your toothpaste or consult your dentist.

Although Children should use an adult strength toothpaste they should not use as much as adults.

0-3 years old= a smear of toothpaste is advised.

3-6 years old= a pea sized amount of toothpaste (as seen in the picture ).

7+ years old= a full size adult amount of toothpaste.