Would you like a haircut, blow-dry or colour treatment for your hair?

Can I give you a beauty treatment?

I am offering new treatments although I have no experience of them and have had no training.

 Tempted? …I thought not!!
Tooth bleaching is a service offered by many Hairdressers and Beauticians with no training or dental knowledge. This is illegal and this treatment should only be carried out by dental professionals. Tooth bleaching is not a difficult treatment to provide but it should only be provided by a dental professional who can spot if there are other dental problems. Tooth bleaching should be regarded as the “icing on the cake” after any other dental issues are resolved or treated and not as the primary treatment option. Some conditions should be treated as soon as possible before bleaching  and  can even be made worse if not treated before the use of dental bleaching compounds. So if you are interested in any cosmetic tooth bleaching treatments please make sure you use a dentist and not your local Beauty Therapist or Hairdresser.

So for your teeth bleaching or any other dental needs, contact me and my team at the surgery.

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