Hi I am Martin Southon, Canterbury dentist here at St Stephens Dental Practice.

I recently looked at a survey by the British Dental Health Foundation about mouth aesthetics and there were some surprising results!

Apparently 40% of us are worried about the appearance of our mouth at least once a day and that rose to 50% in the 18-29 age bracket. The survey showed on average we spend at least 24 hours a year looking at our mouths as we clean our teeth and considerably more if time for applying lipstick or shaving is included.

Worries related to our mouths centred on our teeth much more than the peripheries of our mouth, and more than half of us worry about the colour of our teeth and one in four dislike their over crowded, gappy or goofy appearance.

A lot of these worries can be easily solved with bleaching, bonding and with the use of veneers. If you or someone you know are having these worries then please refer them to the team at St Stephens and we can help and advise the best course of action. Often the percieved problem is quite easy and affordable to solve.

Come and see us for a consultation and you will be surprised how easily we can give you the confidence to smile with less damage to your wallet than you’d expect.