Every day dentists all over the UK are doing a fantastic job keeping mouths healthy. We perform minor engineering miracles in the most hostile environment using the most up to date materials which then patients expect to last a lifetime!

Most patients are extremely satisfied and pleased with the results and yet this never reaches the press or TV. They rarely report of these successes. They only like to report negative news about us. This week they reported on a Which magazine article. This stated that Which had found that dentists in their survey kept pricing secret, did not inform patients about treatment choices or about the pros and cons of different approaches.

In my practice and as far as I know all of the local dentists there are price lists in the waiting room. I discuss patients treatment needs with them and offer them different choices and keep them informed of the pros and cons of each. Pricing is not secret, I tell them and I give patients returning for treatment a print out of their treatment plan so they know where they stand and there should be no surprises.

So read the negative stuff then come to a practice where you will get treatment appropriate to you as an individual. Where you will be made aware of different approaches and can choose which way to go after listening to our advice and where pricing is clear.

For all things Dental, think of my team and I at Canterbury and Wingham, giving you the confidence to smile.