I do not think a day goes by without a patient saying that they are my worst ever.

They are all wrong!

My Father in Law used to farm beef and lamb, now only beef animals. He introduced me to my most difficult and interesting patient about 15 years ago. At the time he was farming Bleu de Maine French sheep. These are large sheep with a bluish face and a very muscular body like a gym body builder.

He found a prize pedigree ram, normally as a show animal price sky high but it had a broken lower front tooth so it was worth only what is known as kill value, about £20 at that time. He bought it as a stud but the tooth needed removing as it was an infection risk as it had fractured down to gum level.

This is where I was invited to meet the patient!

We put the ram in a sheep “crush” to keep him still as much as possible and my Father in Law helped to steady him as well. I anaesthetised the sheeps mouth with standard dental local anaesthetic and removed the tooth. However the patient was most uncooperative! Both my Father in Law and I ended up covered in green half chewed grass and saliva and lots of bruises.

The ram recovered quickly though and went on to sire many hundred lambs.

These days I have limited my practice to humans and although some of them can be tricky, not as much as that ram!

The point of this story is that at St Stephens dental Practice we can handle most things tooth related!

So for all your dental needs, all you need is St Stephens Dental where we will give you the confidence to smile.