A knife is an essential part of a chefs armoury and I would have thought if a chef was buying a new set of quality knives he might be a little excited. My drills are my equivalent of a chefs knives and I have just bought a new set and I am very excited in a dentist, gadget, geeky way. These new handpieces are made in Austria by a firm called W&H.

The drills spin at 650,000 rpm. They have ceramic bearings and need their own maintenance oiling device which is also a gadget freaks dream! These handpieces are air powered with no electrical supply but they have an LED light on their working head so it is like working with headlights on the drill head.


The really clever bit is a tiny device which sits on the airline just before the drill. This is an air powered dynamo which generates enough power to light the LED. It took 7 seven years of development to bring it to market.

This joins the other cutting edge equipment I use to look after and fix peoples teeth. We will give you the confidence to smile using 21st century equipment and techniques but with old fashioned values of courtesy and customer care.

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