St Stephens Dental Surgery in Canterbury, a family run surgery who can look after your families dental health. St Stephens Dental Surgery is owned by me, Martin Southon. The practice is long established, being in its present location since the early 1970’s!

I have lived in Canterbury all my life, I went to the Simon Langton Grammar school and then attended Kings College in London to study dentistry and I was offered a job back here 2 years before I qualified. My father was the dental technician for St Stephens until he retired, and I met my now retired ex -partner George owner then of the surgery through this contact. George was keen to employ someone local. My CV is I arrived at St Stephens in 1988, and I’m still there.I met my wife Lucy, a dental nurse at the practice on my first day of work… 3 years later we were married! Plus my associate dentist KarenLeadbetter met her now husband, Lucys cousin Michael at our wedding. Although Lucy no longer works full time at the practice she can occasionally be seen covering for staff holidays.
My newest dentist Tom Buckland, used to be my Saturday dental nurse whilst he was in sixth form. His mother Linda was a dental nurse at another practice I used to work at.Tom started working for me last September and has received fantastic feedback from patients for his treatment and approach to patients. And now Linda, Toms mum has joined the staff at St Stephens Dental Practice as a nurse for us. She is extremely chatty and welcoming and I am very glad to welcome her into my team. Linda has been nursing for 16 years and so is extremely competent.
And whilst they are not related to me two of my staff feel like family as they have worked for me for so long. Nicky Martin has been working at St Stephens for over 20 years and Dawn Eyers has been with us since 1997.
St Stephens Dental Practice, most definitely a family run practice who will give all families a very warm welcome and the brightest confidence to smile